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Mary Frances Bomb Shell Mini Handbag Wristlet, Excellent Condition

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Mary Frances Bomb Shell Beaded Mini Handbag
Brown and Brown Beaded Wristlet Purse
Mary Frances bag #1279 Bombshell in Bronze
Excellent & Authentic Pre-Owned Condition
This guaranteed authentic and gorgeous Mary Frances Bomb Shell mini handbag is covered in beautiful bronze. amber and brown beads, jewels and pendants against a dark brown fabric.  It has a 5.5" wristlet strap, and has a symmetrical design on each side.  The hand bag is lined in brown satin with the Mary Frances label sewn in.  The purse is in excellent pre-owned condition and the magnetic closure works perfectly.
Approximate Dimensions: 7" Width x 6" Deep x 7" Height (plus 5.5" wristlet strap)
Brand: Prada
Color: Multicolored: Brown, Amber, Bronze
Condition: Pre owned
All photos and measurements are taken from the actual item
Guaranteed Authentic
Experienced Mary Frances Seller & Authenticator

  • Brand = Mary Frances

Item ID: 222368

Category: Handbags

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